Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Information about us

The Fonez  (UK) joins an alliance electronics that provide opportunities of professional trading in the market. This joined alliance is used by professional traders for offering products for sale and processed through a direct contract. We layout a few terms and conditions for your straightforwardness with the goal that consumer loyalty could be accomplished.

Contract Formation

The parties of contract are you and The Fonez (UK) limited. We are responsible for acknowledging sales contract along with consumer laws through which we deliver the products and services. You are considered to place an order with us via online checkout process. You are responsible to note the confirmation order and that is subjected to your acceptance. The right of exercising withdraw is in hands of us as we follow the provisions relating to the legal warranties. We are accountable to provide complete information regarding products and services to our customers.

Application Process

You can directly access or use the platform, make a purchase, and place an order or shop on website though binding to all terms and conditions. You may access the content or material for your personal use only but may not publish, reproduce, modify or display that content on any site.

You must not:

  • Exploit the payment or billing process
  • Delay in forwarding payments for purchasing items
  • Violate any rules, regulations, third party rights, etiquettes, or policies of platforms
  • Transmit or post defamatory, libellous, inaccurate or false content
  • Spread false information, distribute bulk communication or any pyramid scheme
  • Incur any liability to platform or to professional trader

Account Security

You are entirely responsible for securing the information of your account and to keep it confidential. In case of any unauthorized access of your account, you are responsible to notify immediately. The liability is purely on you in case of losing any sensitive information. Site may require personal ID and setup for creating secure and privileged information.

Availability and Delivery

  • We can deliver anywhere in UK
  • We will receive order and deliver products to the address specify by your order. There must be someone to accept and sign the product unless we will not deliver the products.
  • Our company will expressly specify installation for the service or product on website. We will not consider any liability for installation service provided by third party.
  • Delivery timescales may be subjected to change or estimated as the result of manufacturing delays. Communication will be done in advance.

Price and Payment Collection

  • Prices and costs of our products and services will include VAT at prevailing rate.
  • An invoice is issued by our company that comply all regulations.
  • It is mandatory for us to collect payments on platform with complete name and account of customer. On the other hand, the company remains fully liable for all obligations.

For purchasing on the site, customer will follow some steps.

  • All rights are reserved by company for not transmitting any further fraudulent orders.
  • After placing the order, company will summarize that order to buyer.
  • Company further reserves the rights of shipments.
  • Our company is responsible for guaranteeing conformity of products before and after sale services, and that it holds intellectual property rights.

Return Policy

Products are returned through following a complete channel of customer support. Customer support will help buyer through demonstrating procedure of returning the product. The buyers reserve the rights of returning products in case of having any problem in it. Buyer can replace the products within 14 days of product delivery. Professional traders try to give accurate information as much as they can but it may not possible for all the time. Therefore, company will issue customer services websites for accommodating their customers.

Our Liability

Nothing in these terms and conditions rejects or restrains our liability for:

  • Death or individual damage brought about by our carelessness
  • Extortion or fraudulent deception
  • Any intentional breaks by us of these terms and conditions that would qualifies you for end the Contract; or
  • Some other issue for which it would be illicit for us to avoid or endeavor to reject our obligation.

Amendments in Terms and Conditions

  • Company reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions from time to time and updates on website
  • Right after placing the order, you will be subjected to our terms and conditions, unless any change to these policies is required to be made by governmental authority or law.

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