Phone Unlocking

Phone Unlocking


We provide a brilliant repair service for all personal electronic devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Phone Unlocking

We can unlock your phone to receive the services from a new network or you wish to pass on your old phone to a friend.

Devices for Sale

We also offer a great range of mobile phones and tablets for sale. Our range changes frequetly, so drop in and see what we have.

Trade in Technology

We offer a trade in scheme, which will allow you to bring in your old tech for cash or store credit. We will assess all devices we receive.

Phone Unlocking, The Fonez
Phone Unlocking, The Fonez

Phone Unlocking

Having trouble making your phone work with a new network on your old phone? you might be experiencing compatibility issues with you old handset. We can unlock your mobile device, so it will allow you to use it with any network. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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