Mobile Trade-In: Buying and Selling Phones in Lancaster

Want an upgrade on your phone, tablet or other device – but without the off-putting price tag? New, used and refurbished phones and other technological bits and pieces are all available at our Lancaster shops, with price tags that should bring a smile to your face.

If you’ve got an old phone, tablet or laptop that you don’t need anymore, we’ll also be happy to take it off your hands. You have the choice between trading it in for a different model from the shop, or selling it to us for cash. Either way, it’s a great way to declutter and get something back for it.

Great Deals on Great Brands

Head on over to The Fonez shop and you might be surprised by the great selection of devices that we have available. We’ll often be able to supply you with top phones, tablets and laptops from brands such as Apple, Samsung and HTC.

And don’t worry about quality, since we ensure that every product we sell is in full working order before it ever hits the shelves. Refurbished items can be a great way of getting a better deal on the latest bit of tech, and since our technical-minded team specialise in repairs, you can be sure you’re getting a gadget that’s in full working order.

When it comes to giving you a good deal for the products that you bring in to sell, we use a device-grading model that ranks your item based on its quality and ensures that you end up with a fair rate, and cash (or a shiny new iPhone) in your hand.

Why Buy and Sell with The Fonez?

  • It’s great for the environment, since handing over your old phone and taking home somebody else’s means two fewer phones ending up in landfill… all thanks to you!
  • It’s a better way to pick up some spare change than looking down the back of the sofa.
  • A diverse range of devices available, from some of the world’s biggest brands – with the selection changing all the time (so pop by the store and see for yourselves!).
  • No obligation quotes – we’ll take a look at your phone, tablet or laptop, make you an offer and leave the final decision up to you.
  • A fair grading system that sees you get a better deal.
  • A brand new phone, in your pocket, without breaking the bank.

Tips and Tricks for the Savvy Smartphone Trader

  • Be careful if you’re buying from an individual. While online stores, and physical shops like ours, will have to abide by business laws if they want to stay open, a person on the internet may have no concerns about ripping you off. If it looks too good to be true, take it with a pinch of salt.
  • Ask the seller probing questions about the device. Our team would be more than happy to answer your technical questions, give you a guided tour of the smartphone or other gadget, and generally make sure you know what you’re buying before you commit. If the seller you’re speaking to is trying to get you out the door, you might want to wonder why.
  • Expect the seller to be upfront about any superficial damage. So long as the item isn’t being sold ‘as new’, and the price reflects this, they have no reason to hide marks, scratches or scuffs.
  • Don’t settle for a phone that isn’t quite what you want! The used phone market is huge, and even at our location in Lancaster we see an incredible selection, with the perfect model for every user.

Contact The Fonez Today for More Information

Whether you want to find out about our current stock or ask some questions about the trade-in process, feel free to give us a call on 01524 572 442 or head over to our online contact page. We can also help you out with phone and laptop repairs and much more!