Sony Repairs in Lancaster

Even tech from well-loved and well-regarded brands such as Sony can have problems every now and then, and when they do it’s important that you know you can turn to somebody with the knowledge and experience to fix it! The Fonez in Lancaster has put together a team of top techies who are ready to examine your faulty or damaged Sony products and work out the best way to bring them back to life.

We also make a point of studying all the latest models, so that there’s never any system that we’re unfamiliar with. This is important because a knowledge of the inner workings and materials makes our Sony repairs in Lancaster far quicker and more efficient. As specialists in the various different Sony phones and laptops that you may be using, we are able to easily identify the problem even if it is not immediately obvious. Ultimately, this results in a far better service for you, as you get your device returned quickly, with repairs of an excellent standard.

We Can Offer a Huge Variety of Sony Repairs

From old classics to the latest Sony Xperia, we are able to work on all of the following models (and many more):

  • Xperia C Models
  • Xperia E Models
  • Xperia X Models
  • Xperia Z Models
  • Xperia Tablets

And whichever, one of these devices you bring into our store, we can offer repairs on a wide range of faults. Even if your problem isn’t a standard issue, we’ll be more than happy to take a look and see what we can do. In the rare cases that The Fonez team can’t fix it on site, we’ll still be able to make a recommendation for getting it fixed as quickly and effectively as possible.

The common Sony repairs and services that we provide here at The Fonez include:

  • Replacement or repair of damaged screen
  • Repair of damaged audio equipment (e.g. speakers, microphone)
  • Unlocking
  • Fix of software issues
  • Battery repair or replacement
  • Liquid damage repairs
  • Fixing damaged buttons, including the power button
  • Repairing or replacing damaged casing

… and that’s just a taster! The best option is to fill out our quick and easy contact form letting us know what your personal needs are; one of the team will get back to you so you can chat about getting it fixed.

Pay Us a Visit for Exceptional Sony Phone Repairs in Lancaster

Want your phone fixed while you explore the Lancaster shops? We have a drop-in service and in many cases can fix a phone within just a couple of hours, so just stop by to see if we can help. If getting into Lancaster isn’t convenient, we can also send a technician out to a location of your choice… in fact, we can even accept phones for repair by post! This means that every client is able to benefit from our affordable service.

And of-course, we don’t just offer Sony phone repairs – we can also work with a range of top brands including the iPhone, Samsung and HTC models, as well as laptops and tablets. This means that all your technological woes can be sorted with just one quick stop. Use our online contact form to make your initial enquiry; you only need to add a few quick details, and we’ll be able to get in touch with information and an answer to your enquiry. When you’re paying a lot of money each month for a Sony phone, the last thing you want is to have it become a useless lump of metal – so get in touch and let us help you bring it back to life.