Lancaster Based Nokia Repairs

Every phone is susceptible to damage and breakdown, and if your Nokia device is causing you problems that we want to help. Offering fast-paced, high-quality Nokia repairs in Lancaster and the surrounding areas, we ensure that popular devices such as the Nokia Lumia can be brought back to life.

In almost all cases, repairing your phone will be better value than buying a whole new model, and if you’d rather upgrade then we can also offer deals and trade-ins on new and used Nokia phones.

When working with Nokia phones, we make sure that we’re aware of the common problems for each model, the components that are used by Nokia, and any other potential issues. This helps us diagnose the problems with more accuracy and increased speed, since we already know our way around your device.

We also take the time to get to know each new device that comes out, familiarising ourselves with each new iteration of the Lumia as well as other popular Nokia handsets. The team is also excited for the rumoured 2017 release of the Nokia C1, as this will give us yet another piece of tech to set to work on!

The Fonez Tailor Our Services to Suit You

If there’s one thing that sets our service apart, it’s our ability to adapt our services to suit the needs that you have. This doesn’t just mean making sure that we can work with the phone that you bring us, but also that we can provide a service that fits your busy schedule.

For instance, those of you who are going to struggle to make it into Lancaster can ask for one of our technicians to come to you by taking advantage of our call out service. Or, if you’re outside of our catchment zone, you can even get your device over to us via the post, receiving top quality Nokia mobile phone repairs no matter where you’re based.

We also have a customer-first ethos, which translates into great service; for instance, if we can’t fix it then you don’t pay a penny. It is important to us that we can always put working phones back in our customers’ pockets.

Our Nokia Repairs in Lancaster Cover a Huge Range of Different Faults

The problems that we can repair include broken or cracked digitizers, touchscreens and cases, problems with alerts or power buttons, issues with the SIM card or receiving phone signal, problems with audio or camera, software problems… and the list goes on.

As you can see, we’re dedicated to delivering a wide range of different repairs – and if you have a phone form Apple, Sony, HTC or any other brand we can supply the same kind of services for you, too.

Whether you decide to get in touch via our handy contact form, or simply drop in on your lunch break or while you’re in Lancaster for a spot of shopping, we’d love to help you out. You’ll also be able to access our wide variety of other services – so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.